Montres latest pro wheel for BHC, features a rounded profile to promote a smooth and fast roll in both the streets and parks.
The new BHC food line comes complete with personalised packaging, to bring back a flavour of yesteryear.
The pro rider will receive £2.00 royalty as part of this purchase.
A pro rider will then receive a further £3.00 when you use their free shipping code. i.e. MontreBHC

This product is a set of 4 wheels.

Montre Livingston - Pro Wheel - 58mm 89a

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    'BHC Wheels Ltd prides itself on providing quality Inline skate wheels and apparel to skaters around the globe. You are the heart beat of what we do, thanks for taking the time to visit our site and continuing to support Inline skating.'

    CEO : Mark Trebble